Navy and Grey

April 7, 2013
L: Park & Cube R: Emmanuelle Alt & Geraldine Saglio

L: Park & Cube
R: Emmanuelle Alt & Geraldine Saglio

Even with spring finally showing face, I have had a hard time thinking about warm weather clothing and colours, since it’s still gloomy out. Spring and fall are both great for transition styles — my favourites, as I dislike constantly wearing big coats and have a hard time handling the heat sometimes — but I am a fall girl through and through since I am very much attached to my darker palette of hues.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I wear navy a lot. My other colour is grey, and I have found that I quite love the combination of both. Someone once chastised me for wearing black and navy together (!), because apparently you can’t wear the two at the same time. Is there a similar, misguided rule about navy and grey, I wonder?

A.L.C., Burberry, Samuji

A.L.C., Burberry, Samuji

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  • Jacquelyn

    Fall is my favorite season through and through, yet this year I have a serious case of spring [and even summer!] fever! Personally, I like the navy and grey palette. Even the navy and black- I see nothing wrong with it. I remember working retail, and when suggesting such a combination to a client, many would be very skeptical. I suppose done right, it looks nice. I love all the images you pulled. I’ve fallen into a serious shades of blue dressing pattern lately [beyond my love of navy], which I’ve been mixing with my whites, greys and blacks. I always love a darker palette- no matter the season! xx. coffeestainedcashmere

    • Christine

      I think the issue with navy and black is that sometimes the two can be so close in shade, it might end up looking like you are wearing mismatched blacks! That’s my guess as to why some people might be skeptical. But I think if the navy is differentiated from the black enough, especially if it’s in a different material, it looks quite chic. I’m probably going to move to a lighter shade of blue in a couple of months, and eventually add a bit of colour here and there, but ah, the weather is just not cooperating!

      • Jacquelyn

        Oh, that is true! I suppose it’s my fashion design degree that has me thinking a ‘navy’ blue that dark is considered midnight blue in my eyes! It’s ruined me for sure, as a normal human, processing colors. I’m not just wearing blue, but I am wearing on of many many shades! Ha. I’ve found myself drawn to a few lighter blue pieces, not only in owning lighter-washed blue denim [for the first time in many years], but also in a stripe blazer and t-shirt or oxfords I have. I think blues are the accidental theme of my spring! Hopefully you’re weather will begin to cooperate soon, ours has here.. for the time being at least!

  • Christine

    Thank you so much! That makes me incredibly happy to hear! :)

    Yes, navy is the absolute all-year round colour!

  • ellesy

    i don’t wear a whole lot of navy but i think i should… it’s such a beautiful, classic shade and i was just commenting to my hubby that i thought it was incredibly flattering! i like the combination of grey and navy. i wear an obscene amount of grey… it’s my favourite “colour” to wear! :)